Serving The Needs of Those Who Serve

Cervello Technologies is proud to be working with HP Enterprise Services (HPES), to assist with the technology needs of the U.S. Dept. of Veterans Affairs. A growing number of military men and women are seeking VA treatment for various injuries and disabilities incurred while serving our country.

This is where the VA’s Compensation & Pension (C & P) Program, comes in. The C & P process includes a series of medical exams, the collection of data, and a disability rating system; which are used to determine the compensation a veteran should receive as a result of his or her injury or disability. Cervello was brought in by HPES to help combat a growing backlog of C & P claims, including those of military personnel who have served in Iraq and/or Afghanistan; and to improve the C & P process so veterans receive a determination of benefits in an accurate and timely manner.

This led to the development of the Compensation and Pension Record Interchange, or CAPRI, enhancements and platform upgrade; and the sustainment of CAPRI C & P Maintenance and Optimization, a two-part effort to deliver reliable, cost-effective solution to the VA, so it, in turn, can more effectively serve our veterans.

We continue to work with HPES to update the CAPRI system as needed.