Past Performance

Our Past Performance

Our past performance is built upon relevant knowledge, skills and experience. This includes program and engineering achievements within the Department of Defense, and involving our Coalition Partners.

Steady Growth

We have supported the Coalition Interoperability and Assurance Validation (CIAV) program, J3 Directorate (Operations) Liaison and CIAV J6 Directorate (Command, Control, Communications and Computers/Cyber) Liaison to CENTCOM, for the CIAV program, in support of Network Characterization & Emulation Capability (NCEC), at Ft. Hood, TX, and other locations.

Worldwide Reach

Between 2013 and 2015, Cervello contributed interoperability assessment, data collection, enterprise architecture and standards analysis for large exercises such as Global Lightning and Global Thunder (U.S. Strategic Command) Turbo Challenge (U.S. Transportation Command), and Cyber Flag (U.S. Cyber Command, which falls under U.S. Strategic Command).

Enroute Mission Command Capability Quick Reaction Test (EMCC QRT)

EMCC QRT was directed to rectify the lack of real time situational awareness of the embarked joint force entry warfighters. This inefficiency placed them at significant risk and seriously degraded the probability of their mission success. We developed, tested and evaluated tactics, techniques, and procedures (TTP) in support of an en-route communications capability tailored to the XVIII Airborne Corps Global Response Force missions. It included the installation and operation guides for the 82nd Airborne Division and 75th Ranger Regiment, and architecture products for the Warfighter Information Network. We lead the development of findings through qualitative observation, photography, audio recordings, face-to-face interviews and quantitative data collection using instrumentation. This resulted in providing broadband capability and reliable access to integrated Air-Ground COP, Secure Voice-Over-IP, web portal, chat, e-mail, video teleconference, and full motion video ISR for the commander.


The JIAG QRT effort integrated multiple tactical data links through a joint integrated air and ground common operational picture for Joint Forcible Entry (JFE) mission, for Special Operations Command (SOCOM). We lead the development of tactics, techniques and procedures (TTP) to
increase the decision maker’s situational awareness, shorten the kill chain, reduce fratricide, enable intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance (ISR) visibility and facilitate airspace de-confliction and rapid target correlation for digitally aided operations. The core TTP and instructions were applicable to the Services in order to standardize the Tactical Radio Application eXtension (TRAX) integration of disparate networks to optimize the benefits that TRAX will bring to the deployed warfighter in the tactical environment.

HHL 16 Radio

In support of the Joint Staff, J6 Directorate, we provided oversight support, operational subject-matter expertise, and architecture support to the USSOCOM Special Operations Forces Acquisition, Technology, & Logistics (SOF AT&L) C4 Program, for the HHL-16 program.


Cervello Technologies provided support as a member of the U.S. Coalition Interoperability Assurance and Validation (CIAV) Workgroup, in their mission effort to successfully increase the exchange of critical Coalition Mission Thread warfighting information and improve overall interoperability, allowing Coalition forces to fight more effectively and efficiently. This was enabled through the implementation and execution of a Coalition focused, mission based interoperability process that allowed multiple nations to fight as one. It provided an exchange of critical warfighting information to multiple Coalition partners, and assured and validated interoperability of authorized mission threads and capabilities through standardized operational requirements.

4 Pillars/JFS/JTE

A Cervello subject matter analyst provided SRC with engineering, test and analysis services to the joint test director, in conduct of Four Pillars of Integrated Air and Missile Defense (4-PI) Joint Test. Work was performed mostly in Suffolk, VA, but also within CONUS and OCONUS locations to include Germany, Italy, Belgium, Bahrain and Qatar. Also conducted data collection at various test sites as specified in the project master plan. Contractor performance required through August 2016.

Joint Interoperability Test Command (JITC)

From 2013 to 2015, Cervello team members provided interoperability and information assurance support to JITC. This included enhancement of Global Combat Support System – Marine Corps web-enabled logistics chain management (in-garrison and deployed); U.S. Special Operations Command Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance; multinational information sharing and consolidated afloat networks and enterprise services.

Cervello has developed a Quick Reaction Test (QRT) Methodology that provides a comprehensive assessment approach for researching, executing and reporting on Tactics, Techniques and Procedures (TTPs) for quick reaction testing. This method uses an Exploratory Sequential Mixed Method with a Modified Grounded Theory approach to data collection; and provides additional rigor to qualitative assessments through confirmatory quantitative data.

It addresses the problems often encountered in a QRT – “Where do I start, what should I measure, and how?”

The methodology acknowledges the qualitative nature of investigating how a warfighter uses capabilities, while supporting assessment with confirmatory quantitative measurements.