SAP SuccessFactors

To implement and/or support our customers successfully, our consultants are certified in the following modules:

✓SAP Certified Application Professional – SuccessFactors Performance & Goals
✓SAP Certified Application Professional – SuccessFactors Compensation
✓SAP Certified Application Professional – SuccessFactors Variable Pay
✓SuccessFactors Languages Consulting

Foundation Platform

Powered by the SAP SuccessFactors cloud, SAP SuccessFactors Foundation contains a core set of capabilities that are utilized across the entire SAP SuccessFactors HCM Suite. Whether you plan goals, write performance evaluations, or define succession or career paths, you can always count on these capabilities to add value to your talent processes.  The People Profile from SAP SuccessFactors enables customers to create a continuously updated, easily searchable directory of employee skills, interests, experience, and expertise across the HCM suite. Through an intuitive interface, employees can update their own information; assign searchable skills, experiences, interests and tags; and publicly recognize their peers with badges. Basic details such as contact information, position in the company, and a photo are automatically populated in the public profile for each employee.

Performance & Goals –

AP SuccessFactors Performance & Goals helps your organization ensure strategy and goal alignment, continuously improve workforce performance through ongoing coaching and feedback, and accurately evaluate and recognize top talent.


SAP SuccessFactors Compensation is a strategic compensation management solution that enables compensation professionals, business leaders, and managers to align compensation programs with business objectives and features a unique set of capabilities to help you model and manage competitive compensation programs and motivate your workforce.


SAP SuccessFactors Learning helps improve business results, boost productivity, and increase organizational competitiveness with a learning solution that allows you to develop leaders, assure compliance, and train external audiences.


SAP SuccessFactors Language Packs helps your multi-language organization succeed.