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Program and Project Management

Cervello has taken the lead on Program and Project Management tasks for Department of Defense efforts, providing the technical and management oversight required for a successful excecution.

For an En-Route Mission Command Capability Quick Reaction Test (EMCC QRT) task order in 2013-2014, Cervello provided enterprise architecture, policy and procedure development and exercise support toward finalizing standard operating procedures (SOPs) and Tactics, Techniques and Procedures (TTPs) for the U.S. Special Operations Command.

Cervello provided research & development of the Secure En-route Communication Packages (SECOMP-1) current capability compared to the enhanced version of SECOMP-I to develop TTPs supporting the Global Response Force (GRF). This work also analyzed standards, interoperability, documentation, models, architecture and data, to determine how the new capability would improve joint fires, synchronize combat power/assets, dissemination of UAV feeds and continuous updates of the common operational picture.

This research was responsible for the development of of the overall TTP for EMCC and SOPs/manuals for at least two air platforms, in support of the GRF mission.


Systems and Software Engineering

We provide architecture and operations analysis support for Joint Concept Development & Experimentation (JCD&E) projects.

Cervello team members have provided architecture and operations analyst support for Joint Concept Development &
Experimentation (JCD&E) projects; developed architectures for Littoral Maritime Defense and Civil Affairs Planning Operations in Steady State Operations; authored Standard Operating Procedures for AFRICOM Theater Information Fusion Cell, and researched and authored new Fire Support Coordination Measures to integrate joint forces for Littoral Maritime Defense.

They have also developed architectures for Cyber Operations emerging doctrine in support of U.S Cyber Command and U.S. Strategic Command.


Network and Telecom Engineering

Team Cervello has modified and assessed Tactical Radio Application eXtension (TRAX) tactics, techniques, and procedures (TTPs) employed by Joint Special Operations Forces conducting a forcible entry mission, while integrating multiple tactical data links through a joint integrated air and ground common operational picture.

The TTPs were designed to increase tactical decision-maker situational awareness, shorten the kill chain, reduce fratricide, and facilitate airspace de-confliction and rapid target correlation for digitally-aided operations


Cyber Intelligence Info Security

Cervello identifies issues and threats, and offers proven solutions using proprietary methodologies.

We’ve developed an approach for assessing an organization’s cyber posture that will allow a team of security-knowledgeable experts to assess a people, process and technology; and render an improvement program to ensure all resources are prepared for cyber risks, and can mitigate them in a synchronized method.



Global warehousing as a purpose built or purpose designed facilities, operated by permanent staff that has been trained in all the skills necessary to run an efficient facility or utilizing third party logistics (3PL) staff and facilities, will ensure stock pre-positioning continues to be one of the strategies for ensuring a timely response to the customer needs and their emergencies. Cervello will also ensure all personnel are trained on the use of field warehousing, which are typically temporary in nature, sometimes housed in a building which was not designed to be used as a warehouse, in a temporary building/structures, and will often in mobile units (rub halls, Wiik halls) that are little more than a tent in a field.


Information Management, Knowledge Management

Cervello can evaluate, recommend, design, and develop information technology solutions to compile, evaluate, analyze, control, secure, and disseminate timely, relevant, objective, and accurate data and information to our customers.

This includes, but is not limited to, web-based designs, data governance, operational systems, document storage, applications, models, and assessment of existing legacy systems.


Intelligence, Surveillance, and Reconnaissance (ISR)

Team Cervello has enhanced ISR Visibility and Global Response Force success. We identify and improve critical operational mission gaps via tactics, techniques and procedures (TTPs), for close air support, joint fires, kill chain latency, fratricide, disparate waveform networks, multiple data links, tactical radios, C5I Cursor on Target situation awareness, and Common Operating Picture; allowing the warfighter to find, fix, finish, exploit and analyze the enemy at an accelerated rate.


Testing, Evaluation, and Assessments

Military decision makers and partner contractors rely on Cervello’s exceptional engineers, analysts, program managers and project leads, to swiftly identify and measure the size and scope of technology challenges faced by deployed American troops, and work tirelessly to resolve them.

Cervello has provided testing, evaluations and assessments to Department of Defense agencies; conventional and special operations combatant commands and units; and during large-scale military exercises, including Global Thunder and Combined Endeavor.

Furthermore, we have developed a proprietary T&E methodology that is unlike anything within our industry today.