Quality Assurance

At Cervello Technologies, quality is an established core value for our company that defines the fundamental framework for how each and every project is implemented; and motivates our employees to complete their work with the highest level of integrity. Whether internal or external, our quality assurance program (QAP) provides a systematic method to monitor our performance. On each and every task we are involved with, we clearly define (a) what will be monitored, (b) how monitoring will take place, (c) who will conduct the monitoring, and (d) how monitoring efforts and results will be documented.

Our QAP defines an approach to managing performance that ensures expected outcomes and performance standards are achieved. Our performance management rests on our capability to review and analyze information generated through performance assessment. The ability to make decisions based on the analysis of performance data is the cornerstone of our performance management; and this analysis yields information that indicates to what extent the expected outcomes for each project are being achieved.

Our QAP performance management represents a significant enhancement over the more traditional quality assurance (QA) concepts in several ways. We focus on assessing whether outcomes are being achieved and to what extent, instead of scrutinizing compliance with the processes and practices used to achieve the outcome. Our performance-based approach enables each team member to play a larger role in how the work is performed, as long as the proposed processes are within the stated constraints. Required processes are those required by law (federal, state, and local) and compelling business situations, such as safety and health. Working to ensure our customer realizes the “results” expected with each project; our QAP leverages best practices for planning, development, testing, implementation, and support, with progress reviews throughout the life cycle to identify ways to improve and innovate over the course of the contract/order; as long as the critical outcomes expected are being achieved and/or the desired performance levels are being met.

Cervello Technologies QAP embraces an approach to quality control of work output, not workers, and therefore includes all work performed under this contract/order regardless of whether the work is performed by Cervello employees or by its Subcontractors. Our QAP sets forth the procedures for self-inspecting the quality, timeliness, responsiveness, customer satisfaction, and other performance requirements listed within each performance work statement we are asked to complete.

Cervello performance management system is designed to support projects based on Lean and Six Sigma, Agile Practices, the IT Infrastructure Library (ITIL), Capability Maturity Model Integration (CMMI) Level 3; and the Project Management Institute (PMI) traditional Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC).